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Looking for a way to spend time in prayer? Would you like to get closer to God?

We extend this invitation to spend a few minutes each day reading the scriptures for the day, and then take a moment to read and pray with these daily reflections by Sr. Beatrice Caulson, our Director of Religious Education.

First Sunday of Lent

Gn. 9:8-15
Ps. 25:4-9
1Peter 3:18-22
Mark 1:12-15


Today’s Reflection

The Gospel today is rather short. We see that Jesus was sent by the Spirit into the dessert to pray. He remains there for forty days and is tempted by Satan. After this time, Jesus returns to Galilee to preach the Word of God and call all to repentance and belief in the Gospel. Paul reminds us that Christ came to fulfill the promise God made to us to bring us all into His Kingdom. Christ who was without sin came to free all of us from sin. We are called to respond to God as Noah did by listening to the Word of God and following God’s Word fully.

Spend time today with God in order to hear how the Spirit impels you. This season of Lent (forty days) gives us time to grow in relationship with God. Make plans to spend time each day with God in prayer. Put the time on your calendar as an important meeting. Allow yourself to be touched by God.